Thursday, October 27, 2016


~ Eczema~

Does anyone knows what it means?  How it happens and what's the cause?  Can it be fully recovered?

This is one of the stress I'm facing since young.  I have it since baby. It left unlimited and plenty of scars on my body but I'm one of the lucky one whereby it's only on my body, hands and legs, not face though my face being infected before.

I'm lucky because I have many of family and friends who cares and love me so much which indirectly bring me some stress too. I just don't want to disappoint them, just want to do my best always. Hope it can be fully recovered too. Had tried many ways, any western medicine or Chinese traditional methods.  It only works awhile and it came and go always. I remembered when I went out with my parents to market or outside with shorts, people tent to look at my leg and started to asked my parents what happened to me, sometimes not even relatives or their friends, even a sales person in supermarket.  It makes me feel burden and I just don't hope my parents to face this anymore.  Even my dad will said to me, also don't understand why you can like this. At certain point, it's hurtful but also I understand that he didn't really mean that.

I always have a dream, is to become a singer, but it's not a matter to me anymore.  During secondary school, there's once my mum brought me to a specialist recommended by one of my aunt. After visited the doctor, I'm more sure that my dream can be just a dream as people cares more on outlook. The doctor said the % of being fully cured only less than 40%. If I were a child or small kid,the % of being fully recovered if much more higher.

From then, not that I give up hope or refuse to see doctors or try any methods. I just learn to accept the truth and the facts and hope even if it cures one day, it will be naturally cure by it owns without over use of any medicine or creams.

When the weather changes from time to time also affected to become worse or better and the most obvious time is when after the period of the month came, it may turns worse but will back to normal later.

The toughest time is when it get worse everytime. I don't have any mirror as I don't even know to to face or look at myself sometimes, so the best is don't look. I understand people around me feel heartache to see so but please bare in mind, I'm the real person who experiencing it.  Though I always act like don't care but I care more than anyone else. The worst is I can feel the pain of my skin even o just lie on the bed or sitting doing nothing.  I always thought of go for injection, but for what?!  Temporarily cure and no pain anymore?

I just hope it really can cure naturally one day but I dare not think for much. As long as it never turns from bad to worse and not pain especially when bathing. Bath is one of the thing I'm afraid of as I'm too afraid of the pain and suffering. I need thousands of reason to get myself into a bathroom and to turn on the shower and let the water splash on me.  Except for my hair and face uses cold water, the rest I use hot water to bath as it can cut down my pain.

How it feels when the water splashes on me? It's like the wound which splashes by salt as if like the sharp knife stab into ur lungs and heart which makes you can't breath as it's too painful. And you imagine that I have to go through this process everyday. My mental almost break down at certain stage 6 or 7 years ago. Because of family and friends who loves, cares and supports me which keeps me live until now.

I understand that sometimes people will look at me weirdly when I go out and even some friends afraid of me and don't even let me touch anything of theirs as they afraid they might get infected too. It's ok and I understand and learn to accept the facts now.

I met a very good skin specialist who told me this before, 'even if I give you medicine, it only helps for some time, for temporary only. Stress of work maybe one of the causes too.  Have you ever thought of resign from your audit job?  Most importantly is stay happy and positive mind always.  Can read more helpful related books and try out for meditation as it may keep your mind calms. These matters will help too. Must have faith and belove in yourself always that it will cure one day.  Positive mind is very important to make it happens.'

His words makes me stay stronger and keep my mind more positive always as I'm too good in controlling my own mind since young.

Feels much better after expressing it out my words through heart.  Hope people will understand people who suffering from eczema, it won't infect others and please do not look down on them. We are also human being just that our skin looks not as good as others only. Please be friend with them and do not say something hurtful to them. Support and loves are needed from people more than any words.

Hope everyone stay happily and keep the mind positively abs let's pray that people with eczema will fully recover one day or so long as it never turns worse than already good enough. Smile always.  😄

Saturday, November 14, 2015

~Raining again~

It has been raining since last month after the haze matter solved. It's good to rain to have cooler weather but sometimes it's still very hot after the rain, and it's troublesome as need to carry an umbrella whenever I go.

It's Saturday and I'm home for the whole day again. Recently, just enjoy reading and resting at home during weekend unless my aunts and uncles come down to kl then only I follow them out. Also because of no worth and nice movies to watch in cinema recently, if not, I sure out for movie every Saturday morning at TGV KLCC for only RM8 in the morning before 12pm. It save a lot as normal price is around RM18 or RM20.

I thought of having dinner with my sister and her boyfriend. Nah...please do not get me wrong. Just want to have dinner with my sister but no choice as due to the corn matter, my sister needs her bf to fetch wherever she goes and even to work so I have no choice but to dinner with both of them. And this doesn't mean I accept them. But ended up dinner alone at the Chinese stall.

I was too tired and busy until I had forgotten that my cousin sister from Singapore told me that she will be going back to hometown this week which was yesterday night. I only recall back when I saw her facebook saying that she's on the way back by bus and it's a little jam on the way due to the landslide at Karak highway.

Today is one of my aunt (Shen's mum) birthday too. Everyone is having dinner, enjoying and gathering at one of my cousin's house at hometown. So miss all of them and the atmosphere. Too bad that I only going back next week. After all, we still can meet up during Chinese New Year next year.

What I'm doing now other than blogging? Chatting with friends and cousins on facebook while waiting for something to complete, boring. Later continue watching my dramas and variety show when back home. And suddenly thought of him (the let guy) again but not miss. It's normal as he flashes in mind sometimes. Saturday oh Saturday~.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

- It's Life -

I wonder how life should be? How to live a more happier and interesting life. Everything happens for a reason. What I'm facing now may not be just me, alone facing the same problem. There are so many people in this world who may facing slightly the same problems.

It's normal to have difference problems from time to time. It's just the matter of time and how the person solve it. It's depending on the seriousness and how the person think of the problems. Not everyone choose to face it, there may be people who choose to avoid their problems as may due to they afraid of loosing it or get hurt or the reality is too scary or painful to them to accept it. Not even me, myself can directly deal with my own problems all the time.

"I should resign! I must resign now! But how if I can't find any job yet? What I really want to do? What sort of job I should look for and more suitable for me?", it keeps going round and round in my mind. It's crazy. My body  is giving such a bad signal whereby I wake up late sometimes in the morning or tend to search for all sorts of reasons just to skip from work. I understand and very clear that this is a company which I should leave very soon and can't stay any longer.

I can just resign anytime and return to my hometown as there's a permanent job waiting for me. I even can get some of the shares of the company and work there for life. It's such a good opportunities and can save up my rental and transport expenses and even able to take care of my parents all the time. But why? Why I choose to stay here?

It's because it ain't any other places, it's a place i grow up and it's comfortable to live there with my parents and some friends. I'm afraid! I'm afraid that if I were to go back, then I will not be coming out from that place anymore. Not that I can't but it's hard. Deep down my heart will fill with infinite guiltiness if i were to tell my parents that, "mum, dad, it's time for me to go out again, to kl or overseas for work. Till that time, how old I am already? How many years left for me to take care of my parents? How can I just leave them behind?" These are all the facts which causing and pulling my back.

One thing I'm very sure of for now is to get my work done as usual everyday and leave the company as soon as possible once I clear my debts. Till then, I should stay strong, wake up early, go to work and shall not think of any reasons from skipping work. Sometimes, really thought of giving myself an Oscar Award as I'm too good in acting. Such scary actress like me in faking myself in facing something. Please do keep in mind whereby this is not a person should be. Haha.....

Friday, October 31, 2008

~ LiFe iN NeW HouSe ~

I’m no longer as talkative as last time anymore ever since I shifted to my new house a month ago. Slowly and slowly I’m returning back to last time the quiet me who even can didn’t talk for a few months when I first entered my secondary school. Never judge a book from its cover. No one knows how I actually feel now and nobody expect I will become like this. Although I always smile and laugh, but am I really smile and laugh from bottom of my heart? Does it matter? May be it doesn’t matter. So long as I always bring happiness to people then my life sure will be more meaningful and wonderful.

I’m more easily happy than sad. I can even laugh when people scolded me. What I laugh for? Actually I always laugh at my own mistakes then after that, I will change it and avoid from repeating the same mistake again. Furthermore, I also laugh myself when I fell down though is embarrassing. You may think that I’m crazy but actually I’m not because that’s me, Sjhvaun Khong Yi Yin. You will know me better when you get to know me.

Oh no! I’m out of topic. Ok, return to the main topic, ‘life in my new house’. Do I feel lonely at home? Honestly, yes, sometimes I do feel lonely. Sometimes my housemates and roommate may think that I’m weird. My life is just study and nothing other than that. Normally, I prefer to stay back in library to study or do homework after class. This habit had occurred since last semester where by I dislike go home mainly because I didn’t want to go home to see my ex-roommate. That time may be because I couldn’t stand of her strange attitude. But I cannot deny saying that I don’t have attitude problem. I believe that I also have some attitude problems sometimes. Although how worst was the situation, I still will share all my problems with my previous roommate once I back from college regardless of happy or sad things, I still will tell. But now, I never even share my problems neither with my new roommate nor housemates. I never talk or talk extremely less once I back home nowadays. I rather keep all my problems in the deep bottom of my heart also I won’t say out. May be because I don’t get along with them, I always stay in my own room once I back home. What I’m doing in my room? Watch series or anime or study or do homework. Mostly, I will just do homework and study by listening songs. That’s my life! Actually I have a quite close friend in my current house. But I don’t know why I talk less or even don’t talk nowadays. I really don’t know why. Whenever I face difficulty, I will think of all sorts of ways to settle it myself and I never ask for my housemates or roommate’s help. One of the reason of always be in my room may be because of I think that I have my own life and they have their own life. Everyone has their own freedom and own life. And that’s why I never inform anyone, not even my roommate about where I went and what time I’m going back although sometimes I do go home late.

So, believe or not, that’s the yi yin in the new house. And that’s my life in my new house.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

~ First Dinner at my New House ~

I can never feel that kind of feeling (family warm) again ever since my grandma passed away. My family has a lot of problem and it can't be solve already. For very long time, I unable to eat home cooking food as my mum don't cook for family anymore. So, we have to always eat outside.

Today, again I can feel the warm of a family. Thanks to my housemates and their parents! Thanks a lot for cooking for us too! The dishes and porridge were delicious! Because of them, I able to taste home cooking again. Thx God too! Thanks God for arranging all these for me!

During the dinner, there were soup, fry egg, chicken and potatoes. It's tasty! Although my housemate accidentally cooked the rice into porridge for us but I don't mind whether it's rice or porridge. It's still very delicious. My seat was facing the balcony and could see the blue sky. It’s a memorable evening. I will never forget the dinner and blue sky which very different from other days. To me, it's a meaningful and unforgettable dinner. A table of ten of us included my housemates’ parents were enjoying the dinner. We sat and ate together. It was just like a reunion dinner which every1 sitting together and eating on the same table. It's touching. I hope I can able to feel so again. Thx everyone (all my housemates, their parents and my roommate)! I will never able get to feel so without all of you. I will never forget such memorable moment!
~ Bath in My New Bathroom ~

Wow…wow…wow….it was so cool & interesting! It was my first time taking bath in my new house. In other words, I was bathing in my new bathroom for the first time! I will never forget that kind of feelings. I don’t know how to describe it, but it made me feel speechless and yet excited. It might be my unforgettable experience.

As I don’t have any experience in washing my clothes myself, so I just simply rub it by using hand on the floor in the bathroom. But the floor is so dirty. It looks dirtier than my previous house. When I was rubbing my clothes, I saw those yellow colour bubbles flowing out. I was wondering it’s from my clothes or the floor? Haha….I kept felt very ‘geli’ while I was washing my clothes as the floor is so dirty. I spend more than half an hour just to wash two of my T-shirts. Oh my god…it’s so long, right? Actually it was a very good experience for me. Since then, I can feel it’s not easy for my grandma to wash our clothes by using hand. Finally, I’m able to feel how’s the feeling of washing clothes by using hand rub. It’s a hard job. But it considered fun for my first time.

Friday, September 26, 2008

~ Problems ~

Aih…is already 4.30am. Why I am still stay awake? Actually every night about 3.30am I will wake up then until may be 5am only can continue sleep again. What is in my mind? Results! Results! Results! It’s all over my mind. I can’t wait for the results release in next semester. I’m extremely worried of my results ever since my exam had finished.

Every day and night I can’t stop thinking of what kind of results I will get? Passed with flying colours? Or fail either of the subjects? Oh God, please let me pass all the 6 subjects with flying colours. I keep on praying everyday for my results.

Although one of my friends had told me to be confidence in whatever things we do. I always believe that I sure can pass all my subjects with flying colours without fail either of it. Even if so, but I still very worry that what if I fail either of it? I sure can’t accept the fact of failing wither of the subjects. Then, I sure will start to act abnormally and may be even do some crazy stuff which normally I won’t do it. I might be crazy or act abnormally for one week or one month.

My family problems have become more and more serious and my mum is already hopeless, can’t help her anymore. I’m quite disappointed when I back Kuantan for semester break this time. Every thing has change since my dearest grandma had passed away on 29/3/2008. My pity grandpa has nothing to eat. They only let him eat a few pieces of biscuits with plain water. How can an old man survive like this? He has not enough nutrients and getting thinner and thinner. How can they treat him like that? He’s our grandpa or their father or father-in-law. It’s cruel! So, every morning when I am out breakfast with my dad, I will buy some food for my grandpa for his tea break. It is at least much better than see him only eat few pieces of biscuits with plain water.

The noisy and full with laughter house had become a gloomy and quiet house since my grandma passed away. Many of them seldom go back to visit my grandpa. And those family politics had occurred. It’s very sad and heartache to see so. Luckily my grandpa still alive, else, I think I don’t need to go back to my grandparents’ house anymore. I really miss those days when everyone gather and joke together at my grandparents’ house. Although half a year had passed, but I still will burst into tears whenever I miss my grandma so much sometimes. I believe my grandma would not want to see this if she’s still alive.

I have a lot of friends; I also have many good friends. But it doesn’t mean I have a true and best friend. I really don’t know who to tell all my problems. That’s why I choose to keep it in the thousand meters deep bottom of my heart. Firstly, I thought of sharing it with my elder sister, but can’t because she also got her own problems and very busy with her activities and studies. So, I don’t want to add on her burden. In college, I have a friend to share with but I think sometimes I make her feel annoying and irritating. Although she didn’t say so, but can see from the way she acts. Lastly, my last choice is my ex-best friend who is one of my housemates now. I trust him so much but I choose not to tell him after so many things had happened because I scare I will make him feel trying. In conclusion, nobody can tell, right? So, the very last choice is keep it and don’t tell. I really hope we can return to like previously we can talk everything. Then, I don’t need to keep it anymore. I hope you will be my listener and adviser no matter what happen every time. I remember you had told me before that we must look forward, don’t look back to the past, must always improve ourselves. But no matter what, no one can live alone, right? Still need some one to talk to, right? I really hope you can always be my listener and adviser in those coming days.

It’s already 5.30 am. So, I shall stop here and go to sleep now. Hope you will get what I mean in the last few sentences in the second last paragraph. Look forward for the next semester and my results. I hope my results will be passed with flying colours.
~ Commend From my Ex-Roommate (1st roommate) , KS ~

2008年9月14日 星期日




我知道,其实你是在意别人怎么看你的。 是吗?




啊, 你几时看《家好月圆》? 很喜欢“管家仔”的角色。


这一篇是我很夜写的,因为明天要回KL见你啦,很紧张。 嘻,骗你的啦。 


我要回去了,记得。。。。sorry 网上不宜。不写了。

以后, 写一篇打马赛克的给你。> . –

是不是,应该写英文叻? 现在,我的英文不好。 白涩。


阿,还有一样东西。 我的室友是一个很好说话的人。可以跟她讲很多东西。


阿,我要跟你讲的东西是。。。呃。。。。 那我以后可不可以在MSN上跟你讲话,讲心事阿? 残了,给我妹看到她会不会吃醋?(妹,因为你常很忙咯!)

我要跟你讲的东西是我去见工了! 是兼职幼儿园老师,教四岁的小朋友。四岁一定很可爱 ^^ 。 但是没开始, 因为那工交通不方便。

Sorry 在这里很长写了那么多。

你跟我讲过你有个知己。 很羡慕你。真的。


可以分享一些些东西。 (原谅我写得一块块。)






不要那么心硬,是因为。。。(不知怎么写, 总之你应该知道我讲什么。)


离开KL 后,又少了一个朋友在身边。

但无论怎样,“朋友,加油吧! ”

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Monday, June 02, 2008

~ Can’t Afford to Loose Anything Anymore ~

Firstly, I had lost my dearest grandma who passed away on 29th march 2008. After she passed away, a lot of family politics had exist. My mum and all her brothers and sisters had divided into a few gangs. I believe my grandma doesn’t want to see so. I don’t understand why such things can happen! Why can’t they just get along together as happy as last time. What’s going on? Soon, my mum even don’t allow me and my sister keep on touch with other cousins whom from other gangs. I thought it was my mum’s generation problems and not the next generation problems! We’re innocent! What’s the matter if we keep in touch with other cousins?

I’m in KL. I don’t know what actually happen at my hometown and my mum. Ever since my grandma passed away, my mum has changed a lot. She doesn’t really care of her family. She’s like get addicted with Buddhism. It’s good for sometimes but not until get too addicted till leave the family aside. It’s definitely wrong! She should have always remembered she still has 2 kids which is my younger sister and me. I heard my sister said that my mum always scold her and even not satisfy with her results no matter how good she score or even improve compare to previous exam. My sister even complained to me that my mum seems like treat people’s daughter like her own daughter but treat her own daughter like other people. What’s wrong with her? I also want to know but I can’t as I’m in KL. I want to help my family but it’s a bit hard. I don’t want to see my mum like that. I called her once my results were out and I felt like why she’s like so surprise and a bit like can’t recognize me. I felt strange. How can my mum become like that? I don’t want to loose my mum. Oh mum, please come back and please awake!

Soon, before this semester started, I had lost a best friend of mine. The word “lost” not refers to my best friend had passed away but it refers to my best friend and I are no longer best friend. Not even normal friends too as I don’t trust that friend anymore! But may be just hi-bye friends. For now, I don’t hope to see that friend. I need time for it! Even when I saw that friend in college, I just turned back and walked away. You may say that I’m avoiding but actually not! Is just that I don’t want to see that friend!

Luckily I still have this blog to express everything out. As I’ve no more best friend and no more people I can talk to. So, if anything I just will type out here. If without this blog, I think i'll collapse soon or stress out as I unable to handle all this problems.